The Caboodle

Tired of throwing all your memory cards into a plastic bag?
Card Caboodle™ to the rescue!



CardCaboodle™, the "Little Case That CAN", lets you pack and protect ALL the memory cards you collect in one compact and lightweight enclosure through the use of interchangeable soft custom liners. (click each link below to view photo)

CardCaboodle ™ Plus - Holds 2 of the following, any combination:
Compact Flash Type 1 & II, MS, MS Pro Duo, MSMICRO w/Adapter, SD, Micro SD w/Adapter, Mini SD w/Adapter, MMC, MMC Mobile, MMC Micro, xD, SM, and One Inch Harddrive.

CardCaboodle ™ CF - Holds 2 Compact Flash, type 1 or type II
CardCaboodle ™ MS - Holds 4 Memory Stick cards
CardCaboodle ™ SD/MMC - Holds 4 SD/MMC cards
CardCaboodle ™ xD - Holds 4 xD cards
CardCaboodle ™ SM - Holds 4 Smart Media cards

Fits easily into pocket or camera bag. Features colorful, protective outer case with contrasting color soft cushioned liner. (You will receive one of our standard color combinations!) CardCaboodle ™ floats! It's splash proof, so you can tote your memory along anywhere and keep it safe. Logo option available.

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